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Sep 22, 2014

Sentiment View Release

We are happy to announce the release of our updated sentiment view, which delivers previously unattainable insights through a newly-refined sentiment score, advanced drill downs, and fresh visualizations.

New Features

Here’s a quick overview of our new sentiment features:

Sentiment score, percent change, and distribution available at a glance

  • The new sentiment score is a proprietary metric that — in addition to calculating sentiment — takes into account how the sentiment compares to that of all other topics.

  • Immediately see the sentiment score, percentage change, and distribution within the selected timeframe.

New and Improved Sentiment Drill Downs

  • Click into any trend to gain instant inisght into the conversation through detailed overview, metrics, and sonar tabs.

Fresh UI makes the overview much simpler

  • View all top sentiment trends at once with advanced drilldown capabilities.

  • See how the audience’s sentiment has moved over time, now measured using the Bottlenose Global Sentiment Index.

Distribution Tab

  • New view shows the sentiment spread over time and includes advanced drilldown capabilities.

Top Lists Tab

  • A view entirely devoted to showcasing the top positive and negative sentiment trends for topics, hashtags, mentioned people, participants, and links. And, yes, advanced drilldown capabilities.

This is a pretty big deal.

At Bottlenose, we are continually improving our approach to trend detection. Between our unique sentiment scoring, drill down analysis, and top sentiment trend surfacing, we have created a beautifully distinguished product that provides more context and perspective than any other tool in the marketplace. This is a notable advancement and we’re proud of the progress that we have made.

Jun 19, 2014

Bottlenose Wins “Business Innovation of the Year” Stevie Award

The American Business Awards has given Bottlenose Nerve Center the bronze medal in the 2014 Stevie Awards, for Business Innovation of the Year. Read about the awards here.

Jun 19, 2014

Bottlenose Debuts Nerve Center™ 2.0, Creating a “Virtual Analyst in the Cloud” for Real Time Trends Affecting Customer Brands

Flagship product now features automatic trend detection and alerts, emotion and demographic analytics, and open APIs to help brands nurture a deeper understanding and real-time response to emerging trends.

Los Angeles (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Bottlenose, Inc. today launched Nerve Center™ 2.0, featuring new trend intelligence capabilities to automate data science and analysis for high-volume, streaming data. This second major release of Nerve Center gives brands the ability to act on social and media-driven trend phenomena in real time, reducing reliance on human analysts to take decisive action. With Nerve Center 2.0, Bottlenose combines automated trend detection with breakthrough emotion and demographic analysis, and makes its trend intelligence platform insights available to developers, via APIs, for the first time.

Bottlenose recognizes it’s impossible for brands to fully monitor and analyze streaming firehouse data using only human analysts. Real-time data streams overwhelm the ability of human analysts to keep up, let alone to find patterns in the data during live events and situations. With that in mind, Nerve Center 2.0 applies extensive real-time data heuristics and machine learning to automate the detection of trends and insights in any amount of real-time data, to identify statistically significant trends as they occur.

"The automatic trend detection in Nerve Center 2.0 alleviates the need for constant attention from human analysts. Now, without having to monitor the platform 24/7, users can be alerted of any important trends such as breaking news, emerging influencers, viral content, bursting topics and hashtags, and spiking sentiment," said Bottlenose CEO and co-founder Nova Spivack. "This eliminates the choke point of humans in the process of real-time comprehension of patterns in vast amounts of data. And that’s just the beginning. In the future, our platform will be able to spot a growing repertoire of complex patterns and trends in data streams. We are automating the analyst, one skill at a time."

Revved-up architecture and easy sharing of insights

For Nerve Center 2.0, Bottlenose extensively revised and expanded its underlying platform, StreamSense™, to radically accelerate and automate trend detection. With the new architecture, StreamSense now analyzes over three billion messages, and nearly 300 million data points, per hour. Trends are automatically clustered to connect related activity, providing users with a holistic view of bursting threats and opportunities in broadcast, social and enterprise streams.

The company also introduced new customizable alerts and reporting features, making insights sharable and accessible beyond the moat of analysts. Customers can configure alerts based on the type and strength of trends detected, and allow Nerve Center 2.0 to deliver timely information via email to desktops and mobile devices.

In Nerve Center 2.0, Bottlenose also supplements the real-time value of instant trend alerts with similarly instant or scheduled generation of detailed reports that give both analyst and general business recipients a more complete understanding of real-time market conditions, including community sentiment, demographics, leading influencers, detailed activity metrics and context.

Sophisticated understanding of audiences through advanced emotion profiling and demographics

Bottlenose believes emotion is the most elusive audience trait for marketers to understand. Nerve Center 2.0 illuminates emotion and demographics of audiences, using sample profile data for 350 million social media participants with 95 percent accuracy on average. With Nerve Center 2.0, customers can for the first time drill into trend drivers to identify audience characteristics including occupation, age, family status, religion, personal income, language, fashion brand affinities, dining and shopping affinities. The application also can analyze emotion, advancing sentiment beyond positive, negative and neutral—even detecting sarcasm and measuring different forms of intent (to-buy, to-watch)—to give customers a better understanding of audiences, influencers and threats.

Customers and partners can cast Nerve Center 2.0 insights into other, broadly-distributed applications.

In this release Bottlenose is also announcing Beta availability of its META (Metrics, Entities, Trends, Actions) APIs, opening the company’s platform to third-party developers and customers who want to use trend intelligence for visualization, process automation, advertising, and new analytics applications. Taking the first step toward creating an applications ecosystem around the Bottlenose StreamSense platform, this release is available exclusively to customers and partners. The META API set enables brands to build wide-ranging, integrated executive dashboards, or other visualizations informed by domain expertise in any vertical, using the most valuable outputs from StreamSense in their own applications.

Nerve Center 2.0 is available to the market and is currently in use by brands, agencies and research groups, including Warner Bros., Liquid Thread, Pepsi, NoLabels and Razorfish.

To learn more, please visit:

About Bottlenose:

Bottlenose is the first innovator to focus exclusively on Trend Intelligence from stream data sources. Bottlenose Nerve Center™ provides an enterprise-grade, real-time dashboard for discovering, tracking and acting on influential trends as they form and spread in social, broadcast and enterprise data streams.

Bottlenose was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur, Nova Spivack, and Web technologist, Dominiek ter Heide. Bottlenose has offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Amsterdam.

Learn more about Bottlenose here:

Bottlenose and Nerve Center are registered trademarks and Trendfluence is a trademark of Bottlenose, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Read the full article here. 

Jun 19, 2014

Nerve Center 2.0

As data scale and availability explodes, filtering through noise to reveal the most important and actionable insights becomes increasingly challenging for human analysts and most software to keep pace. Bottlenose real-time trend intelligence is the answer. However, manually monitoring and assimilating even advanced trend intelligence can be challenging for analysts and non-analysts alike. Today that all changes.

Nerve Center 2.0, the second release of our exclusive real-time trend intelligence application for streaming data, now gives every user a virtual analyst in the cloudTM. Version 2 combines fully automated trend detection, instant or scheduled alerts, richer analytics for audience composition and emotion, and more extensive sharing features to automate and popularize groundbreaking trend intelligence enabled by hard core data science.

New Features

Here’s a list of our newest features:

Automated Trend Detection

  • Actionable and important trends are automatically detected and clustered to connect related activity.



  • Users can set alerts for every new, relevant trend of a given type and strength, which can be delivered via email and within Nerve Center.



  • Now companies can leverage Bottlenose’s most valuable outputs in their own applications.
  • Developers can sign-up to get notified about API access in our developer portal.

Scheduled Reports

  • Instant or scheduled reports give recipients a more complete understanding of real-time market conditions, including community sentiment, demographics, leading influencers, detailed activity metrics, and context.


Data types and customer applications expand

  • Now that Nerve Center incorporates social and broadcast data together, Nerve Center customers are able to understand current conditions and more effectively market towards their real-time audience.


Stream and Comparison reports

  • Instantly create a high-level shareable report to summarize a stream’s activity or compare metrics from two streams.


Chart design now includes predictive extrapolation

  • See how metrics are likely to move into the coming hour


Analytics for links

  • Detailed view of trending links with advanced tracking and analytics


Improved demographics

  • Superior understanding of demographic information surrounding audiences, hyper influencers and threats. Includes inferred occupations, age groups, family status, religion, personal income, language, fashion brand affinities, dining affinities, and shopping affinities of audiences around topics and brands.


Audience psychological profiling

  • Automatic detection and measurement of the competing emotions, thoughts, and forms of communication in an audience.


More data sources

  • The addition of Tumblr firehose data, to supplement existing social firehoses from Twitter and Facebook, and the previously-announced broadcast monitoring (live monitoring of trends and analytics for every spoken word on broadcast TV and radio).


What’s Next?

This is just the beginning. In the future, our virtual analyst will look for trends within and across social, broadcast, and enterprise data streams to find hidden patterns and correlations that drive business, industries, markets and even current events. Furthermore, it will be able to:

  •  Spot a growing repertoire of complex types of patterns and trends in more types of data.
  • Identify audience and demographic shifts, sentiment changes, changes relative to competitors, changes to KPIs, and discoveries such as correlations to sales and advertising performance.
  • Alert you intelligently when important and relevant trends are found that match your interests.

The goal is for our virtual analyst to get better and better at automating the trend detection skills of human analysts, but against vastly more real-time data than any human analyst can handle. Non-analysts and analysts alike will gain the ability to find valuable insight in data streams filled with overwhelming noise.

Mar 25, 2014

Bottlenose Offers the World’s First Real-Time Analytics for Broadcast Data, via Critical Mention Integration | Business Wire

Mar 25, 2014

Bottlenose Unveils Live Analytics for Broadcast TV, Radio and Social Media

Today we’re proud to announce that Bottlenose is the first company to provide real-time analysis and trend detection on nearly every spoken word of broadcast TV and radio data from the United States, UK, and Canada. To bring this feature to our customers, we’re partnering with Critical Mention, the company that captures 44 hours of live broadcast programming every minute. 

Until now, it’s been incredibly difficult to analyze TV and radio data for trends that are relevant to your brand, company, or product, let alone understand how those trends resonate with social streams. Bottlenose is the first company to offer live analytics that illuminate trends and conversations on TV and radio that are relevant to your brand. 

Identifying and surfacing trends in broadcast data is no small task for even the best data scientists. Just as with social streams, we’re talking about terabytes upon terabytes of data constantly being added to the stream. Bottlenose has tackled the problem by using the same tools we use for analyzing social streams in real-time. That means that the analysis happens as the data is ingested, not after the fact. 

In addition to trend detection, the new features also show the synergy between broadcast and social, allowing marketers to see how mentions on television and radio resonate the on social and vice versa. As media channels collide and marketing tactics converge, there is a new opportunity to track cause and effect across channels.

Users are also be able to see the average Nielsen ratings of mentions, the estimated publicity value of organic mentions, and detailed data about mentions, demographics and reach on every station, genre, show, and market. And of course, they can watch every relevant video clip, and listen to every audio segment, instantly.

To detect relevant coverage and trends as they happen on TV and radio, sign up to add TV and radio data to your account. To find out how, get in touch

The Bottlenose Team 


Mar 24, 2014

What do you really mean? Marketers aim to better understand your social-media posts.

Mar 18, 2014

Bottlenose Selected as Official Jury Selection for I-COM Data Creativity Awards 2014

(Source: I-COM 2014 NewsFeed)

As Data Driven Marketing has risen in popularity, so have the voices claiming that this will impede creativity in the Advertising world. Yet, in reality, it is a new type of creativity that is key to unlocking new insights, that when applied, can drive Competitive Advantage for Marketers. Therefore, in order to recognize and promote excellence in this area, I-COM launched in Rome the first ever Data Creativity Awards in 2012 amongst great fanfare and entries from around the world. Since then, the popularity of Data Creativity concept has increased. For example, Sir Martin Sorrell has recently posted an article entitled, ‘Creativity in the Age of the Maths Men’.

I-COM is proud and pleased, together with our Patronage and Board members from around the world, to present the Official Selection of the 2nd edition of the Data Creativity Awards competition who will present their entries on Apr 1st in Seville:

Accuen (Omnicom), USA
Project Name: AIP Everywhere; Speaker – Sergey Shprints, VP, Media Intelligence

Bottlenose & Razorfish, USA
Project Name: Mapping the 2013 State of the Union Address with Trend Intelligence; Speaker: Nova Spivack, CEO and Dominiek Ter Heide, CTO, Bottlenose

Brand Karma & Starwood Hotels, Singapore
Project Name: From Conversations to Commerce: How a Hotel Company Made $2 Million from Social Media; Speaker: Mario Jobbe, COO & Co-Founder, Brand Karma

Ghostery & Telegraaf, USA
Project Name: Marketing Cloud Management; Speaker: Scott Meyer, CEO & Founder

Havas MFG Labs & Warner Bros., France
Project Name: My Warner; Speaker: Joachim de Lezardiere, COO

Johnson & Johnson & McNeil, Aveeno, and Johnson’s Baby, Ecosystem Partner: Research Now, USA
Project Name: Baby Landmark Ages & Stages Research Project Speakers: Christina Hoff, Manager- Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson, Summer Schiavo, Director – Global Insights, BabyCenter (J&J), Michele Madansky, Media and Market Research Consultant, Michele Madansky Consulting, Sapna Mistry, Manager- Global Strategic Insights

PHD Media, Ecosystem Partners: Yume and Nielsen, USA
Project Name: Adapting Media Planning to the Evolution of TV Ads; Speaker: Renee Cassard, Director – Research and Analytics

Starcom MediaVest Group & Axis Bank, India
Project Name: A POEM with Numbers – Confluence of Paid, Owned and Earned Media for Business; Speaker: Aarti Bharadwaj, Vice President, Analytics Center of Excellence

Starcom MediaVest Group & Suncorp Group, Ecosystem Partners: Mi9 & Powered by 9, Australia
Project Name: Suncorp GIO – Building Trust through action, not words!; Speaker: Thaer Namruti, Group Data and Analytics Director

Xaxis & MediaCom and American Eagle Outfitters, USA
Project Name: Audience Buying In Style: Extending Customer Lifecycle Measurement through Effective Data Management; Speakers: Ross Jenkins, VP of Analytics, Xaxis

Entries may show evidence of the successful leveraging of value from data or they could demonstrate how insights were derived from data to drive creative briefs. Whatever the nature of the project, entrants showed that they were highly creative and innovative in their approach and that they achieved demonstrably strong results, such as financial, thought leadership or other stated criteria. Examples of where data creativity might have been shown include the following:

Creating new insights from multiple data sources Effective merging of data sources Innovative data sourcing Efficient Integration of data Analytics creativity Using insights to influence the creative brief, media plan, strategy Employing different marketing sciences Technology Innovation (in-house or with 3rd parties)

The winners will be announced at a special Gala Awards Dinner ceremony to be held at the Royal Palace (Real Alcazar) as part of the I-COM Global Summit on April 1st, 2014.

The I-COM Global Summit is the leading Global Data & Measurement Strategy event, where the who’s who from Digital Marketing gather from around the world to learn, network and trade. I-COM provides a premium environment for Data Champions to build their ecosystem to achieve competitive advantage.

More info on I-COM:
I-COM 2014 NewsFeed
I-COM Homepage

Mar 11, 2014
Oct 16, 2013

Introducing Bottlenose Sonar Solo, On Stage at Pivot Conference 2013

Today, we’re at PivotCon, the premiere social business conference. It’s a conference of mind-melding and knowledge-sharing, and we’re honored to join some of the brightest and most innovative leaders in marketing. We’re also pleased to announce our latest product, Sonar Solo, on stage today!

Fresh from the Bottlenose Labs team, we’re launching Sonar Solo, the free real-time view of what the world is thinking and feeling, as reflected in the global firehose of streaming conversation. Sonar Solo allows anyone to see the trends and emotions of the social Web change as topics, conversations, and people rise and fall in the moment.

Marketers have been limited to searching people, topics and content too late to shape trends as they form. But a shift is happening. Those searches are no longer good enough. Marketers have to know what’s happening in the present, not the past ten hours, five, or one. Opportunities are won and lost in the present — the tools must evolve with the pace of conversation. Following the launch of Bottlenose Nerve Center for enterprises earlier this month, now Sonar Solo gives anyone immediate trend intelligence via Nerve Center’s centerpiece feature, Sonar.

Sonar Solo puts real-time trend intelligence on anyone’s screen.

Sonar Solo consumes the global social firehose to show you what the world is thinking, feeling, and talking about now. It’s the first tool of it’s kind and we’re proud to give marketers a better way to engage and create new experiences in the present. Nobody has provided a real-time view of what the world is thinking against the backdrop of the constantly evolving social stream. By enabling you to browse the real-time Web — infinitely — we’re opening up a whole new visual interface to the “Now.”

Get the real-time edge your company needs in today’s “now”-minded culture. Try out Global Sonar and explore the web like never before.


The Bottlenose Team

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