Bottlenose’s latest patent highlights Nerve Center innovation

We’re excited to announce the issuance of our latest patent, which covers technologies we’ve developed in-house for machine-based content analysis and sentiment tracking of microcontent using NLP. The patent, issued today, encompasses our ability to apply NLP to social data, a critical capability for today’s business intelligence professionals.

As business accelerates and the volume of data increases, our goal is to remain in the vanguard of business intelligence. Our engineering team continues to pioneer breakthroughs in machine learning and NLP, and is dedicated to staying ahead of the enterprise market with technologies that help the world’s largest companies navigate a business landscape marked by emergent risks and opportunities.

Each day, we analyze over 72 billion records to help our Fortune 1000 customers champion the “3 V’s” of Big Data – volume, velocity, and variety – and provide action sets to these customers based on our discovery cycle.

This is our 7th patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for our technology – adding to our current patents which cover aspects of our natural language processing, user sentiment analysis, trending topic analysis, and other key components of our Nerve Center platform.

We are continuously expanding our IP portfolio and have eight more patents currently pending.

For more information on our technology, you can read our press release or get in touch to learn more about how Bottlenose is transforming business intelligence.


Bottlenose now integrating LexisNexis and Flashpoint data sources

We’re excited to announce two new data-source integrations to our Bottlenose smart data discovery platform. Bottlenose customers can now benefit from trend detection that includes LexisNexis’ extensive database of offline and online content, as well as Flashpoint’s unique Deep Web and Dark Web monitoring.

These two integrations extend our proprietary enterprise-intelligence capabilities in some exciting and powerful new directions. With the LexisNexis addition, we are adding over 150 million unique print, wire, and online news articles and social media posts from the LexisNexis service, from over 75,000 sources.These include government and academic documents, as well as industry reports and news sources from over 200 countries in 90 different languages, and over 3.5 million editorially managed social media feeds.

Most importantly, the LexisNexis integration allows us to break down the barrier between offline and online data sources. Now offline content can be converted into streaming data for monitoring of emergent trends and anomalies, whether those signals represent risks to an enterprise or new market opportunities.

Likewise, our new Flashpoint integration gives us unparalleled access to track signals across the Deep Web and the Dark Web. This includes real-time streaming data from about 80% of activity across the main Dark Web forums and places where hackers and cybercrimnals share information, coordinate, and talk about their activity. By being able to track trends and activity from the Deep Web, we can help companies predict threats to their security, IT, or brand before they surface.

LexisNexis and Flashpoint are part of a number of new integrations that we will be adding over the next year. Bottlenose already offers integration with sources like Bitcoin exchanges, government data such as OpenFDA, public sharing sites like Pastebin, and Critical Mention, which allows us to monitor over 90 per cent of all live television and radio broadcasts. These sources add to our social network integrations (including Twitter and tumblr), Stock Market tickers, Office 365, and Google search keywords, and our ability to fully support proprietary enterprise data, such as customer support, CRM, financials, Web analytics, and internal databases. We also have many more integrations planned planned over the next year to continue to expand our reach.

For more information on the new integrations, you can read our press release or get in touch to learn more about how Bottlenose is transforming business intelligence.



Analyzing real-time trends and stats at WEF with Bottlenose and KPMG

With the start of the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, we’re excited to unveil KPMG’s WEFLIVE, powered by Bottlenose’s smart data discovery platform. All this week, WEFLIVE will be tracking the trends around Davos that are happening across the Web, identifying them as they emerge.  


With Bottlenose’s advanced analytics and data discovery, users can explore real-time insights and stories from WEF. Users can filter based on specific topics such as Energy, Human Capital, and Healthcare or track developing topics and trends by location, sentiment, influence, gender, and other demographics.

WEFLIVE also allows users to customize and create their own content, and the WEFLIVE widget can be added to your specific site.

We’re excited to partner with KPMG for WEFLIVE, and encourage you to follow the conversations and impact of discussions as world leaders gather in Davos to discuss the future of the world economy. Join us at




Bottlenose Powers Clorox’s Flu Pulse, a Socially Predictive Cold and Flu Tracker

Last week Clorox launched their new Cold and Flu Pulse, which utilizes Bottlenose’s proprietary trend detection technology to track and predict the spread of the flu through cues on social media. As we prepare for flu season, Clorox and Bottlenose will be following conversations online to help predict and prevent the flu’s spread.

Bottlenose is analyzing millions of conversations in real-time to help Clorox measure how the flu is trending online. Studies have shown a strong correlation between these conversations and how the flu spreads. By raising early awareness of symptoms and trends, the Cold and Flu Pulse will help people prepare for and prevent the potential risks from the virus this season.

Working with Jonah Berger, social media expert and bestselling author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On,” Clorox and Bottlenose identified the key social predictors of increased flu activity, converting those insights into trackable words, hashtags and topics that allows us to define and measure online conversation volume by geography. Chief among the insights made was that online conversations about flu prevention peak before the actual flu was most severe, underlying the importance of prevention throughout cold and flu season, which can begin as early as October and last until as late as March.

Among the other interesting findings that emerged through online conversations are an increase in working late and exercising to flu symptoms that correlate to an increase in flu symptoms in the following week. You can check the current risk to your area by visiting  

The Cold and Flu Pulse is an excellent example of how Bottlenose’s platform can detect and measure emerging trends in real-time through its unique business-intelligence technology.  Bottlenose analyzes billions of data points daily to detect patterns in streaming data from sources such as social networks, live broadcast television, radio, global news and blogs. The company offers data-agnostic analytics enabling brands and organizations to harness critical business insights from both structured and unstructured data sources.

To learn about Bottlenose and how our platform is transforming business intelligence for the enterprise, contact us at


Bottlenose now offers contextual social audience data through partnership with StatSocial

Yesterday Bottlenose rolled out a new capability in our flagship product, Nerve Center™. Through a partnership with StatSocial, Bottlenose now allows customers to understand defining demographic and psychographic characteristics of any audience through data aggregated and standardized across more than 60 major social network sources.

The integration of StatSocial’s social audience data enables real-time insights across more than 35,000 demographic and lifestyle segments in Nerve Center.

Nerve Center users now have the most well-rounded view of their digital audiences, with consumer data including gender, age, ethnicity/race, income, and education levels, as well as location – city, state, country, and DMAs. Every audience tracked also breaks out consumer interests, including more than 9,000 consumer brands, 23,000 celebrities and influencers, and 1,100 TV shows.

By combining StatSocial data with Bottlenose’s proprietary stream intelligence capabilities, Nerve Center now provides enterprise analysts and strategists with an unprecedented ability to understand risks and opportunities affecting their business in real time, creating a new level of business intelligence.

For example, we can now track conversation trends by groups, such as “Affluent Females” for brands such as American Airlines (Note: not a present customer; example only; see image below).

As analysts work to discover patterns from multiple real-time data streams, Bottlenose now offers the most robust context around social users, their demographics and affinities through this partnership with StatSocial.

Read the full release here.