Bottlenose Beta 2 Launches Today!

Today Bottlenose is releasing a bunch of exciting new features that we think you’re going to love! Come check it out.

New!!! 3 pane layout, plus an improved multicolumn mode.

Definitely now the best tool for keeping up with the social Web. Our new 3-pane layout brings the convenience of having your folders, the stream you are viewing, and Sonar, all visible at the same time. It also makes it possible to easily browse from stream to stream.

Now You can view Sonar next to your streams; it’s always visible

This is a major change in the app. It creates a new visual experience as you read and browse. We think this is an important innovation. The social web is moving too fast to keep up with by reading.

If you’re getting hundreds or thousands of messages a day from Twitter and Facebook, you are probably ignoring most of them. In fact, most people don’t even scroll down – they just read what’s right in front of them – the 6 most recent messages. So how do you get more value from your streams? How do you know what you are missing? How can you keep up without all the scrolling and reading?

Bottlenose’s Sonar feature provides a new solution. You can instantly see what’s going on in any stream, visually. Then click to drill into the part of the conversation you are interested in.

By putting Sonar right next to your streams, you can now read and visualize at the same time, side-by side. This provides a really useful new way to understand what’s going on “below the fold” in the stream you are looking at. But that’s just the beginning of what makes this great. By enabling you to browse the real-time Web, infinitely, we’re opening up a whole new visual interface to the Now.

Try it and you will see…

Infinite visual browsing of the realtime Web

We’ve just made the real-time Web browsable.

Browse and explore the real-time Web, visually, using Sonar in Bottlenose. As you click around in Sonar you can now explore further. You can literally browse the real-time Web visually from trending topic to trending topic, moving from stream to stream as you go.

By enabling this, we’ve made Sonar into a new way to browse the social web. You can literally SEE the social Web moving and changing, visually, before your eyes.

You can see what the trending topics and people are in any stream. You can see how they are related. You can can click to explore and browse from one interest to another related interest. As you browse you move across topics and streams.

Improved authoring

Post messages of any length and we auto-shorten them using our short URL. The full version is available hosted by us, and a short version goes out to Twitter. We’ve also added better auto-tagging for your posts.

Improved sharing

Post a message to Twitter or Facebook, or even to email addresses. Now you can share messages by email from Bottlenose, as well as via social media.

Embedded rich media

View photos, videos and web previews as you read. Your streams just got a lot richer. We’ve added rich embedded previews into messages. As you read, you see a lot more – it’s a much richer experience.

Improved search

Visualize search results as you search. You can do a search for any topic on Twitter and immediately understand what’s going on, what’s trending, in the results. It makes search so much better.

Improved user profiles

See influence and follower stats for any person. We give you more insights about people. Check out your own profile or click on any Twitter username in a message to see this in action.

Better reading

As well as rich media previews from any message, we also show bios of any person mentioned in the message. And we link to similar posts. This helps you get more context about what you are reading and who is involved or being talked about. It’s also a great way to find new people to follow.

Other improvements

Many smaller improvements and bug fixes. Our beta testers gave us loads of suggestions and we listened. We’ve implement most of what has been asked for. Still a lot more to come though, so stay tuned! And keep giving us all that great feedback. We love it.

We’re calling this Beta 2, because it is the second phase of our beta rollout. We’re still in invite beta but we’re letting more people in, starting today.

Come in and try it out. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

— The Bottlenose Team