What’s New in Bottlenose Beta 3

Connect Multiple Accounts

You can now add multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. That means if you manage several Twitter and Facebook accounts for your personal use and for brands, you can watch them all in one place in Bottlenose.

Connect More Kinds of Accounts

Google Reader – Yes, you can pull in your Google Reader account and all your feeds. Finally!
RSS feeds – You can also add RSS feeds directly.
Facebook pages and groups can now be tracked as streams.
LinkedIn – Many of you have requested this, so we’ve added support for LinkedIn accounts too.

New Stream Views

Improved Sonar — A wider layout and less noise.
Reader view – for quick reading of streams.
Newspaper view – creates an instant real-time newspaper for reading any stream in a beautiful layout.
Multi-column view – Now just click on any folder to view all the streams inside it in a multi-column view.

Twice as Much Free Storage

The free version of Bottlenose now stores twice as many messages (4500 messages) on a running basis. (Even more storage will be available in the future…).

New Folders

New default streams. We’ve given you a new folder tree for your streams, with folders that group your streams by social network, and several new default folders.
Notifications streams. We’ve added notifications streams so can see activity and notifications from various networks – such as when people follow you or like your things.

Smarter Streams and Rules

View reply threads for Twitter messages — For messages that are in reply to other messages, you can now see the related replies, when the message being viewed.
De-duplication of messages — The app intelligently detects and consolidates posts that you receive multiple times via different accounts.
More rule parameters for custom streams — Enables many new kinds of rules that filter streams.

Better Add Streams Flow — We’ve streamlined the process of finding and adding streams from all your accounts. Try the new “Add Streams” button.

Improved Semantic Filtering

We’ve improved our semantics to do a better job of detecting and recognizing audio and music streams, as well as tech conferences and events.
We now recognize more than 140 different kinds of messages (opinions, complaints, videos, questions, etc.) — you can make use of this to create rules that find messages by type.

Refined User Interface

A new default color scheme that’s lighter and more open. (You can still get the original color scheme as a plugin — see the Plugins section, accessible via the dropdown menu)
The layout now adjusts to the width of your screen. So you can go wider on really wide monitors.
We’ve improved a number of our user-interface features. These improve the way streams and content are displayed. It’s more consistent, easier to use, and makes more sense.

Better iPad Support

The current version works better on the iPad.
This feature is still in early testing; the iPad is not officially supported yet. Feel free to help us test and improve.

More Help

We have added more help and a tutorial.