Nerve Center 2.0

As data scale and availability explodes, filtering through noise to reveal the most important and actionable insights becomes increasingly challenging for human analysts and most software to keep pace. Bottlenose real-time trend intelligence is the answer. However, manually monitoring and assimilating even advanced trend intelligence can be challenging for analysts and non-analysts alike. Today that all changes.

Nerve Center 2.0, the second release of our exclusive real-time trend intelligence application for streaming data, now gives every user a virtual analyst in the cloudTM. Version 2 combines fully automated trend detection, instant or scheduled alerts, richer analytics for audience composition and emotion, and more extensive sharing features to automate and popularize groundbreaking trend intelligence enabled by hard core data science.

New Features

Here’s a list of our newest features:

Automated Trend Detection

  • Actionable and important trends are automatically detected and clustered to connect related activity.



  • Users can set alerts for every new, relevant trend of a given type and strength, which can be delivered via email and within Nerve Center.



  • Now companies can leverage Bottlenose’s most valuable outputs in their own applications.
  • Developers can sign-up to get notified about API access in our developer portal.

Scheduled Reports

  • Instant or scheduled reports give recipients a more complete understanding of real-time market conditions, including community sentiment, demographics, leading influencers, detailed activity metrics, and context.


Data types and customer applications expand

  • Now that Nerve Center incorporates social and broadcast data together, Nerve Center customers are able to understand current conditions and more effectively market towards their real-time audience.


Stream and Comparison reports

  • Instantly create a high-level shareable report to summarize a stream’s activity or compare metrics from two streams.


Chart design now includes predictive extrapolation

  • See how metrics are likely to move into the coming hour


Analytics for links

  • Detailed view of trending links with advanced tracking and analytics


Improved demographics

  • Superior understanding of demographic information surrounding audiences, hyper influencers and threats. Includes inferred occupations, age groups, family status, religion, personal income, language, fashion brand affinities, dining affinities, and shopping affinities of audiences around topics and brands.


Audience psychological profiling

  • Automatic detection and measurement of the competing emotions, thoughts, and forms of communication in an audience.


More data sources

  • The addition of Tumblr firehose data, to supplement existing social firehoses from Twitter and Facebook, and the previously-announced broadcast monitoring (live monitoring of trends and analytics for every spoken word on broadcast TV and radio).


What’s Next?

This is just the beginning. In the future, our virtual analyst will look for trends within and across social, broadcast, and enterprise data streams to find hidden patterns and correlations that drive business, industries, markets and even current events. Furthermore, it will be able to:

  •  Spot a growing repertoire of complex types of patterns and trends in more types of data.
  • Identify audience and demographic shifts, sentiment changes, changes relative to competitors, changes to KPIs, and discoveries such as correlations to sales and advertising performance.
  • Alert you intelligently when important and relevant trends are found that match your interests.

The goal is for our virtual analyst to get better and better at automating the trend detection skills of human analysts, but against vastly more real-time data than any human analyst can handle. Non-analysts and analysts alike will gain the ability to find valuable insight in data streams filled with overwhelming noise.